Are you eco-conscious in some aspects of your life but want to learn more how it relates to food?

If yes, then The Mindful Fork welcomes you –  the environmentally curious foodie! The Mindful Fork was created to help people make that shift towards food consciousness for a healthier planet! Let TMF open your palate to eco-conscious recipes, eco-friendly resources and an eco-minded community of forward thinkers.

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Are you tired of searching on-line or in the market for eco-friendly kitchen products? Let The Mindful Fork be your guide to kitchen tools, ingredients, zero-waste ideas and so much more!

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PLANT BASED, healthy, sustainable solutions

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what is the mindful fork?

The Mindful Fork was created for the continually “evolving” eco-conscious generation wanting to know more about the why’s, what’s and how’s, as it relates to food and how their choices affect the planet. The Mindful Fork encourages the “think before you eat” approach to food as it relates to your health and environmental sustainability. You will learn from soil to plate how your everyday choices matter. Our goal in The Mindful Fork community is to embrace change to make a difference, one fork at a time!

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Eco-Flexitarian Recipes

“Eco-Flexitarians”  eat a mostly plant based diet but occasionally choose alternative proteins that are sustainably sourced and planet friendly. Recipes will give options for conscious consumers from soil to plate!

Vegan Shiitake BLT Sandwich with Almond Cheddar Cheese close up

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The Mindful Fork is a collaborative platform for sharing eco-conscious recipes, products, and courses providing the tools and knowledge to eat mindfully & shop consciously, while making a difference – one fork at a time!